Paint Colour Visualizing Service:  See what your house will look like before it is actually painted!

Have you ever wondered what your house would look like in a number of different colour schemes?

Do you have to decide on a paint colour to give to your painter right away?

 Let me take the worry out of choosing the right colour scheme for the exterior of your home by digitally painting a photograph of the exterior of your house.  I will digitally paint your house in a few colours schemes that I know will work perfectly with the fixed elements on the exterior of your house.  I can then specify real colours from any number of paint manufacturers’ fan decks. 
You can enjoy the process knowing that the financial investment of painting your house is going to result in a paint colour scheme that you really love because you will have already seen it in the painted photograph that I render for you.
Please view two of my recent painting projects below showing numerous colours schemes I gave to my clients.  Some of the colour schemes I would not recommend for their specific home, but they wanted to see what their house would look like so I showed them.  They were thrilled to have access to this information and get a colour scheme that they will love for years to come.


Paint Colour Visualizing Service by Debra Thompson Design & Colour – Lake House Property

Paint Colour Visualizing Service by Debra Thompson Design & Colour – Tudor Heritage