Whistler Creekside Condo

Downtown Lawfirm

West Point Grey Interior

Debra enjoys working with both residential and commercial clients. 

From small condos to larger interiors of residential homes and corporate offices, Debra works with her clients and/or their contractors to ensure a cohesive and polished finished space. This is important when the colour of fixed elements needs to be determined in a timely manner within the scope of a project.  Such elements include: flooring, floor coverings, baseboards, cabinetry, counter tops, backsplashes, wall colour, lighting style, lighting location and lighting intensity and colour.  Juxtaposed to the former, furnishings (office or residential), art, foliage, textiles and décor pieces need to be sourced within the colour palette requirements. 

Debra would be pleased to provide a free estimate of her professional fees based upon the scope of the project.